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In your choice of 24p or 30p versions!
PRE-KEYED FIRE SPRINKLER - $19 An overhead fire sprinkler comes on, sprays, and shuts off with dripping. Sell the idea while saving your set! Pre-keyed in 3840x2160 PNG format.
PRE-KEYED WATER SPRAYS - $19 Three sprays of water from various angles. For bursting pipes, submarine hull failures, and other gags. Pre-keyed in 3840x2160 PNG format.
PRE-KEYED SPITTLE AND SWEAT SMACKS - $22 Enhance a feigned punch with a spray of sweat or flying spittle! Adds impact and/or comedic value to head trauma. We've also included some snot and spit-takes just in case you need them. 19 clips, pre-keyed in 3840 x 2160 PNG Quicktime format!

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